Keep Your Family Entertained on Road Trips

Road trips can be fun and exciting, but long hours in a car can also be challenging, especially when you're traveling with kids. That's why it's important to have some car games up your sleeve, other than phone games or electronics, to keep everyone entertained, engaged, and making memories, together.

Here are 10 fun, tech-free games to make your next road trip a memorable one:

1. I Spy: This classic game is a great way to keep kids engaged and attentive during long car rides. One person chooses an object they see outside the car, and the others have to guess what it is by asking yes or no questions.

2. 20 Questions: In this game, one person thinks of an object, and the others have to guess what it is by asking no more than 20 yes or no questions.

3. The Alphabet Game: Start with the letter A and try to find something outside the car that begins with that letter. Move on to B and continue until you reach Z.

4. Name that Tune: Play a few notes of a song, and the others have to guess the title and artist. This game is great for music lovers.

5. License Plate Game: See how many different states or provinces you can find on license plates during your road trip.

6. Car Bingo: Create your own bingo cards with common road trip sights like a truck stop, a rest area, or a certain type of vehicle. To win, you must be the first person to get five in a row.

7. Mad Libs: These silly fill-in-the-blank stories are sure to make everyone laugh and get creative.

8. Storytelling: One person starts a story, and then the others take turns adding to it. You can make it as silly or serious as you like.

9. The Rhyme Game: One person says a word, and the others have to come up with a word that rhymes with it. This game can get pretty challenging and silly.

10. Hangman: In this classic game, one person thinks of a word and draws a blank line for each letter. The others have to guess the word by suggesting letters one at a time.

With these 10 entertaining car games, you and your family can hopefully have a fun and memorable road trip. Remember, it's all about the journey. Enjoy the ride and have fun!


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