Many school districts are gearing up for a new school year with reading, writing, mathematics, science, and more. As parents, you can help you child succeed in school by adopting some tips to encourage your child on a road to success. Every student learns differently, some are more visual, others more auditory. Some students like to write things down, while others learn best via videos for reinforcement. Below, find 7 fabulous ways to prepare for this upcoming school year and ensure a stronger motivation to succeed this fall.

1. Have a dedicated learning area
Provide each student with their own private and quiet area for learning. Have them be part of the decision. Whether they want to work on the sofa, at a desk, or on the floor, make certain that area is solely used for school time. Have your student decorate this space as they wish to enhance their happiness, creativity, and motivation. Keep that area tidy and organized.

2. Create a Daily & Weekly Calendar
Design and implement a calendar with your student which will include goals to complete homework assignments, and projects. Your student should be aware of deadlines. You don’t want to stay up creating a last minute science diorama project due tomorrow. Craft the calendar with your student and involve them in all decisions. Do not forget to include breaks, as well as playtime. Setting a schedule with clear expectations will alleviate confusion and frustration and encourage completion as long as it is realistic.

3. Implement a Reward System
Rewards are always a fabulous motivator. When setting goals for your calendar, perhaps each accomplishment receives a marble, sticker, or voucher, and if your student manages to accumulate a certain number of them by the end of the day/week (your choice) then they can be rewarded with whatever you know will interest your child, maybe extra playtime, a trip to the park, quality time with you, etc.

4. Celebrate Victories
When projects are completed or good grades achieved, make sure to dedicate an area to display them. Allow your student to see and understand their progress so they can be proud of their accomplishments. Decide, together, which ones might be worth celebrating in a grander manner, if necessary, for continued motivation.

5. Communication
Open and honest communication between teachers, students and parents is vital for a successful educational experience. Make sure you know exactly what is expected of you and your student and don’t be afraid to ask questions or help with anything you might need. The teachers are there for you. They want to see you and your student succeed and enjoy this new experience. Clarity will relieve all future frustrations and the only way to understand everything you need to know is to effectively communicate with all those involved including your student.

6. Make Learning Fun
No one knows their child more than a parent so use this knowledge to make the day enjoyable and even more special for your student. To supplement what your child has learned in school, provide opportunities for little ones to play while they are learning, find relevant games, experiments, or videos to teach certain topics. Engaging, hands-on activities are proven to boost comprehension and retention, so take this opportunity to further enhance your child’s growth and development.

7. Take Advantage of In-School and After School Help
Be an advocate for your child. In the beginning of the school year, you can email / contact your child’s teacher to address a specific concern and go from there. Your teacher may be the first person to spot any learning problems with your child. See if he/she has any solutions to help your child. Investigate after school programs that address getting extra help at no cost. Most students benefit from small group or one-on-one tutoring. Encourage your student to accept the help.

Adopting the bits of advice mentioned above, to encourage and motivate your student, will most likely improve your situation. Keep a positive attitude and an open mind! You can do this!