Questions to answer to get your wework space working, particularly if it’s in a shared space between you, your spouse, and your kids. You’re in this one space almost 24/7, so it’s really important to set boundaries and don’t annoy the crap out of each other. And you must adjust quick, to maintain a calm mental and physical well being. Here are questions to answer and steps to take when setting up the home for work, school and family life while in quarantine.

What to do list for family life in quarantine.  

First, establish a series of rules 

  1. Must not wear pajamas all day long. This can be depressing, demotivating and simply not cheerful.  
  2. Don’t share random thoughts that can be annoying. Leave the chit chat to lunch time or dinner time, particularly if you're trying to maintain a work environment. Stay focused.
  3. Take the volume down several notches. Be peaceful.  
  4. Create a quiet room, if necessary.
  5. Clean up and pick up after each use, don’t leave dishes and cups around. 
  6. Be courteous as if your spouse is a co worker. Otherwise who knows what happens in a month. 
  7. Be tolerant even when you think they’re acting like a piece of work.
  8. Respect each other’s boundaries. Review these with the kids so they get it too. Know that kids need their space too. Don't just barge in anytime.
  9. Save conversations about toilet paper after work hours. 
  10. Don't leave the television on all day. It's depressing. Remember the goal is to have a cheerful space. 

Develop Routines

  1. Consistency is key for everyone, especially kids.
  2. Put out a daily schedule for each day of the week.
  3. Recreate the school schedule (particularly with preschool and elementary) see a sample. 
  4. Set routines and times for meal time, class/work time, fun time, breaks, and homework time.

Put In Place A Structure For Each Day

  1. What’s the structure for: exercise TIME, work TIME, game TIME, meal TIME.  ie: who sets the table, who washes dishes, who's turn is it to decide on what's for fun (share the responsibilities)  Mom can't always be washing dishes. 
  2. What are the work hours?
  3. Who cooks when, what and for who?
  4. Who will watch the kids and when? Try to trade off watching kids especially around work calls
  5. Who does the dog duty?

Work Out Shared Resources

  1. Where will the individual workstations be? And if shared, who will use and when?
  2. Create office or work space for everyone. Everyone should have their own private space, if possible.
  3. Where will you take conference calls?  
  4. Set up shared space with print stations, paper and resources.

Maintain Some Social Distance From Your Family 

  1. Spousal distancing is recommended.
  2. Alone time without kids is important.
  3. Structure in solo walks to reflect alone, maintain calm and get fresh air. 

Invest In Family

  1. Make new family rituals. You can't do the same things over and over. Learn new things. Construct something together. Yes, with a hammer and nails. 
  2. Speak kindly to each other. Try not to always use the parent voice, especially if you have older kids.  
  3. Minimize the nagging. Just don't say it or repeat it.

Make Adjustments, Fine Tune And Ask:

  1. What worked for us today? 
  2. What would we like to change? 
  3. Was it useful to take a lunch break at the same time? 
  4. Was it OK that I came over and looked at what you were doing?’
  5. Where's the communication breakdown?  
  6. Approach issues unemotionally, as if you were at work dealing with employees.

So how is your family managing during this crisis?  TAKE A QUICK POLL and share your experience.