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How is your family handling work from home and childcare during the Coronavirus crisis?

We are creating a community of support. Please let us know how your family is coping.  We would love to get both Dad's and Mom's perspective. Reading about what's working or what's not working, and how you are adjusting can help everyone. Whether you're out of your mind, or you're learning as you go, please share your parenting tips.  We are all in this together.  We promise to keep it anonymous.  Help us build support our community.


I’m actually really good at multitasking. I'm playing 3 different roles - Dad, teacher, and provider. I think I’m nailing it. I check my e-mail early in the morning to put out fires. Then I set the kids up for a school ‘lesson’. Sometimes it’s iPad or computer stuff, but sometimes I’ll look for easy things I can do with them at home like word games or math puzzles. Then I go back to put out more fires. It’s true, there really isn’t any time to spare, but the routine and the combination of school and work makes the days fly by super fast. Hopefully, I can keep it up and not burn out before this is all over.”  Dad from Montclair.

"No explosions yet, and loving it so far. Thankfully with teens at home, everyone is independent, responsibly at "school", and has been able to establish a routine in a corner of the house, away from mom and dad. Although teens just don't want to have anything to do with their parents, I'm just letting it go. Why fight?  That gives us peace to do our work. We're already working from home, to begin with, so this part doesn't change too much. What changed was all the things we haven't done, because we're finally doing it now. We've been taking this time to clean out the house, the basement, the garage, and cook up meals galore. We've learned a lot during this process. Learning to save food and cook more with less, learning to build a rock garden from scratch, use the hammer and nails to build a planter. Most of all, we are taking couple walks now which never ever happened before. Let's see how long this will last, next week could be a different story.”  Mom from Roseland.