Have You Tried These Fun Sites? 

Going on several weeks of our stay-at-home and social distancing order where the kids are now being home-schooled, most of us are probably running out of new, fun ways to keep our children motivated to learn. With this abrupt change in their educational environment, some kiddos might be thriving with this new way of learning, however, others might need a subtler way of introducing new topics by learning through games, activities, and videos. Below are a few free if not inexpensive ideas you might want to explore with your children, no matter their learning style, to keep the school days flowing with educational fun!  

Science Fun: 

Curiosity Stream: Educational video-on-demand service with hundreds of fascinating videos on every science, nature, history, tech, social, lifestyle and kid topic imaginable. These are digital downloads you can never feel guilty about letting them watch since they are exploring and explaining important questions we all have in a fun, visual, easy-to-understand and memorable fashion. For only $12/year – that’s $1/month – unlimited videos with new ones added all the time - - - how can you go wrong?

Science Kids: Free online lessons, games, quizzes, and projects for Elementary School kids.

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Math Fun: 

Math Playground: Free math games for fun learning with stories and videos – grades 1-6.

Splash Learn: Free interactive math games and learning for grades K-5.

PBS Kids: Free online math games for PreK-K.

Kids Math Games Online: Free math games for Elementary School Kids.

English Fun:

Fun English Games: Free online lessons, games, quizzes, and videos for Elementary School levels.

Lingo Kids: Online app with playful learning and games for children ages 2-8.

Fredisalearns: Online English program for kids ages 4-12 offering some free worksheets and lessons focusing on spelling, grammar, comprehension, and communication in a fun manner.

Games to Learn English: Free games for Elementary School kids to have fun while working on spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills.

Music & Art Fun: 

Elementary Years

Nick Jr:  Preschool music Maker games.

PBS Kids: Music games and activities for kids, preschool through 6th grade.

NY Philharmonics: Dedicated kid zone with concert videos, games, and puzzles.

Classics for Kids: Musical games, videos, and activities.

Masterpiece Society: 5 Free Art Lessons for all ages. Additional courses at cost.

Color with Leo: Online art games.

Scrapcoloring: Digital coloring books.

Mo Willems: Free art and doodle classes daily at 1pm EST from renown Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence.


TEEN YEARS:  Fun Sites for Teenagers..


Virtual Drumming: Have fun creating drum beats while using your computer keyboard.

Creating Music: Lessons and activities for musical composition.

Playbill: Free Broadway Musical performances online for your viewing and enjoyment.

Debbie Allen: Free Dance classes with renowned artist, dancer, choreographer.

Broadway Dance Center: Online dance classes in all styles from Master Teachers (cost $10-$25).

Pixar in a Box:  Behind the scenes in the creation of animation in partnership with Khan Academy.

National Gallery of Art: Interactive Art lessons for iPad.

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Full Curriculum – All Subjects, All Grades -pick and choose or do all

Adventure Academy: Online learning program for kids 8-13 offering games and videos for fun learning in the topics of math, reading, and science. $59.99/yr. for full access.

Time4Learning: Complete homeschooling online program consisting of all necessary topics like math, reading, writing, science, social studies, art, and more. $19.95/month for students PK -8th grade, unlimited learning, and/or $30/month for 4 High School subjects with unlimited access.

IXL.com: Comprehensive curriculum with fun games, testing topics learned in math, language, science and social studies, PK – 12th grade. $9.95/month per subject, or $15.95/month for 2 subjects, or $19.95/month for 4 core subjects.

Education.com: Online worksheets, lessons and games in math, science, social studies, fine arts, and language arts for PreK-6th grades.

ABC Mouse: For students aged 2-8, lessons, games and learning for math, language arts, science, and art. $59.95 annually.

Khan Academy: Free online video learning for all topics pertaining to math, language arts, science, humanities as well as college prep examination practice and more.


I hope you find the above online resources helpful.  The variety alone should keep us all busy for a while, hopefully! Happy homeschooling!

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