When we need assistance, we usually turn to those who are always there for us; our family.  Other times we feel obligated to help our family members who are drowning in clutter.  The truth is, when it comes to clearing clutter, our family members are usually the last people we want to help us.  Why is that?

Family members (think children or siblings) have an emotional relationship with us; and we have an emotional relationship with our clutter.  When our children see our clutter, they don’t necessarily see what we see.  As our children, they are all-too-often prepared to tell us what we do wrong and then it becomes more to do with past emotional baggage and less to do with the clutter that needs processing.  The same is true with siblings. 

When you bring a friend or someone who doesn’t know you well, that extra set of emotions are eliminated and the focus can stay where it should…on the clutter.  Recruiting an outsider you trust, such as a friend or professional, can help you to see the things that we miss because we are accustomed to seeing it every day. A fresh perspective is welcome when it comes from someone we trust. 

More important, when it is a trusted friend or professional there is no room for drama.  No one to get angry with you for the clutter, no one lecture you in turn making you feel bad for your decision.  Clearing clutter is hard work and asking for help takes great courage.  When you decide to do it, make sure to choose someone that will be your cheerleader and commend you for your hard work.

Have a Neat Day!
Jennifer Snyder
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts