Field Station: Dinosaurs Commemorates the Bridgegate Scandal with  World’s First Dinosaur Traffic Jam And Careers in Science Day
Saturday, September 13, 10am-6pm

Secaucus, NJ – It’s time for some traffic problems in Jurassic Jersey.

T-Rex will take road rage to a whole new level and the triceratops will be honking her horns this Saturday as Field Station: Dinosaurs commemorates the one year anniversary of the Bridgegate Scandal by creating the World’s First Dinosaur Traffic Jam. It will be a Jurassic Jersey version of the traditional corn maze, but instead of hay bales and corn rows it will be traffic cones, caution tape and cretaceous creatures trying to navigate their way through a kid-sized maze of jug handles, traffic circles and unexplained lane closures.

"Our paleontologists have a theory," says Guy Gsell, a life-long New Jersey driver and Field Station: Dinosaurs' Executive Producer. "If an asteroid hadn't done in the dinosaurs, Jersey traffic would have. Our Dinosaur Traffic Jam is an experiment to test that hypothesis. And because it's Careers in Science Day, we'll have Civil Engineers on hand to weigh in on the evidence."

Every kid who takes on the maze will be given a dinosaur name and mask before they enter into a maze of missing street signs and arrows pointing nowhere.

“Millions of years ago the dinosaurs roamed New Jersey, a prehistoric landscape of erupting volcanoes and boiling seas,” continues Gsell. “But they never faced anything like the pot hole I hit on Route 3 this morning.”

The World’s First Dinosaur Traffic Jam is part of Field Station: Dinosaurs’ “Careers in Science Day”, where in addition to our traffic experts from the NJ Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, kids will meet daring Marine Biologists, world renowned Paleo Artists, deep thinking (and deep digging!) geologists and even a real life “Mad Scientist”.

Careers in Science Day” is this Saturday, September 13, at Field Station: Dinosaurs, One Dinosaur Way in Secaucus, New Jersey. Presenters from Rutgers University, Montclair State University, Walters & Kissinger: The Complete Dinosaur Art Studio and Mad Science of Union and Hudson will lead families through a day long schedule of hands-on science activities designed for children ages three to eleven. “Careers in Science Day” emphasizes the adventure and fun of science, from the exotic Paleolithic realm of the dinosaurs to today’s amazing world of diversity and mystery that surrounds us all. The “Careers in Science Day” presentations and activities, including the World’s First Dinosaur Traffic Jam, are free with admission to Field Station: Dinosaurs.

Featured science topics and guests for “Careers in Science Day” include:

  • Paleo Artistry - Tess Kissinger and Bob Walters: Dinoart. “Dino Bob”, an illustrator of more than 20 dinosaur books, will share step-by-step instructions on how to draw dinosaurs.
  • Chemistry and Physics - Mad Science of Union and Hudson Counties lead spectacular demonstrations, hands-on activities, and real world discussions that make learning about science fun for kids! Interactive programs will include rocketry, magnets, polymers, and even the science of toys.
  • Climatology - Jim D. Wright, Phd (Graduate Program Director, Rutgers University), a Marine Geologist who studies climate change will teach children about drinking water, coastal planning and energy.
  • Biology - Nicole Hurtado (Rutgers University) will identify different bone samples.
  • Marine Biology - Joseph McGinnis
  • Engineering - The American Society of Civil Engineers will host The Shape Test.

For more information about Field Station: Dinosaurs, or to purchase tickets to the park, visit or call 855-999-9010.

About Field Station: Dinosaurs

Field Station: Dinosaurs is a world-class family attraction that combines cutting-edge science with the creative minds of great artists and teachers to create a one-of-kind experience that’s thrilling, educational and fun.

Set against the breathtaking natural backdrop of the New Jersey Meadowlands and nestled at the base of a 150 million year old rock formation, the Field Station is an oasis of natural wonder just nine minutes from New York City. Over 30 life-sized, realistic dinosaurs (including the 90 foot long Argentinosaurus) come to life thanks to the brilliant engineering of the world's leading roboticists and the imagination of our artists. 

The story of the dinosaurs is vividly presented on 20 acres of wild, unpredictable woods, mysterious pathways and mountain trails. Scientists from the New Jersey State Museum have worked to ensure that the exhibition encompasses the latest theories and discoveries in the fields of paleontology, geology and environmental studies. Workshops, games and activities connect the story of the dinosaurs to our world today, giving new relevance to their lives and power to the tale of their extinction.

And at the center of it all is the fun, the joy and the wonder of dinosaurs. Our expedition takes every family on a shared adventure—full of mystery, surprise and a sense of awe.