It’s no secret that Old Man Winter has been especially hard on the Garden State this year. Between blizzards and super cold temperatures, it’s been challenging to get out with the kids for some much needed activity.

While traditional family game night activities are perfectly fine, let’s face it—there is only so much Monopoly that parents can play before they feel like they are about to lose it. In an effort to keep the kiddos entertained until Mother Nature thaws out, consider the following indoor family activities:

Food Buildings

Who says that kids can only build masterpieces with Legos, Lincoln Logs or Tinkertoys? Instead of pulling out boxes of these tiny parts that seem to spread out into every nook and cranny, buy a bag of marshmallows and a bag of thin pretzel sticks to make delicious food designs. Simply skewer the marshmallows with the pretzel sticks to create structures of all shapes sizes. You will be amazed at how creative your kids can get with these basic supplies. And, even better, they can eat their buildings when they are done, taking care of play time and snack time all at once.

Indoor Treasure Hunts

Yes, Easter is not until early April, but that’s no reason to not use those plastic eggs for an indoor treasure hunt. To ward off nighttime cabin fever, organize an in-the-dark egg hunt. Purchase a few packs of glow sticks, and activate each one before placing it inside a plastic egg. (If you don’t have any eggs hanging around, you can use plastic baggies or small opaque plastic containers.) Then, place a small goodie in each egg, such as candy, coins or a small toy. Finally, hide the filled eggs throughout the house, turn off the lights and have the kids search for the glowing prizes. To prevent your kids from tripping in the dark, be sure the eggs are hidden in fairly clutter-free areas.

Dress Up Time

Kids love putting on costumes and using their imaginations. To put a new twist on dressing up, purchase some kid and adult-sized costumes and wear them during a themed activity. For example, if your kids loved The Lego Movie, set up a couple of tables to create a Lego world like in the movie. Then, surprise them by wearing a Mr. Block Head Costume from MorphCostumes and play in your new life-sized Lego world. Or, if your kiddos are more into superheroes and comic books, pick out a Spiderman or Batman costume and turn your living room into a crime fighting area.

Create New Recipes

Finally, one last idea for an indoor family activity night is creating a new food or recipe. For example, your kids might enjoy making pizzas out of sugar cookies. All you need is sugar cookie dough, chopped fruit and sweetened cream cheese. And, instead of making one big crust, cut out smaller pizzas for each child to decorate how they want. When you are done, enjoy your fruity dessert in front of the fire.