2020 – What a year!?! Since March, we have completely adjusted our way of working, studying, playing, and shopping, and now we must equally adapt with the holidays. Thank goodness we are strong and resilient, with family and friends to lean on. Of course, it would be best to thank everyone in person with a grand, Thanksgiving celebration, however, Corona has not released her grip on us yet and we must still “co-exist”, for now, without inviting her into our homes, our lives, and our communities.

For everyone to remain healthy, this year’s festivities must then be held virtually. We’ve had to move much of our existence online these past 8 months, so why not Thanksgiving.
Here are some ideas to create a wonderful, safe, virtual Thanksgiving celebration with everyone you care dearly about!


  • Draw up your list of friends and family you would like to invite
  • Discuss with all those who want to participate common decoration ideas to share so you all experience similar sensations on the big day, i.e.: similar scented candles, similar centerpiece, a shared playlist, menu, and recipes etc.
  •  Discuss games you can play online, all together, and if you will play them on the app, on Zoom, or video chat (i.e.: https://playingcards.io/, Bingo, Scattergories, Pictionary, Trivia Games, Charades, ScrabbleGo, Kahoot, HouseParty App, Words With Friends App, Yahtzee App, Uno App, Boggle, etc.)
  • Discuss a movie you might want to stream, that everyone will enjoy.
  • If you live close enough, you might want to arrange for a type of shared, potluck dinner, where you leave your dish(es) out on the porch at a specific time for trade and pick-up or drop-off.
  • You might also want to send care packages to each other, in advance, with some decorations, presents, or drinks, etc. to all have in common for the big celebration.


  • You can schedule a time to Zoom or video chat together while cooking, prepping, and decorating. Make it a virtual, family event!
  • Make certain all is ready for tomorrow…including all games, music, movies, and that all is set up and working. Perform a test run or two to make sure there will be no hiccups for the big party.


  • At your scheduled time, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Video Chat, etc., as planned, and begin your celebrations. You can begin with writing down things you are grateful for and sharing them all together, you can all stream a movie together, play games, or chat and catch up – whatever makes everyone happy.
  • Have a toast and enjoy your meals together with great, video conversation – do what you would usually do for Thanksgiving, the only difference is this year will be through a screen.

Just because we can’t get together in person does not mean we can’t enjoy the holidays together. A virtual Thanksgiving gathering can be equally exciting and meaningful. The key is to properly prepare and then double check that all equipment, apps, and programs are exactly what you need, and that you know how to use them correctly. Practice as often as you need before the main event and your virtual celebrations will be fantastic!

As with any event, it’s all in the planning and preparing!

from your friends at NJ Kids!