Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused much pain, stress, grief and heartache, a bright side for some has been that the mandatory quarantine afforded us more quality time together, as a family.  Five months later, however, with all Netflix movies and DVR recordings viewed twice, let’s put our extra time together to good use. The board games are now boring, and the kids are showing signs of unrest or are playing too many video games, for lack of anything else to do. So, how can you resolve that?

Looking for more fun things to do with the family? 

How about something productive, yet fun, like learning a new skill you are curious about? There are so many great ways you can learn from the comfort of your own home, so, why not make it a family activity? Decide on a new skill everyone wants to learn together and then make it entertaining. Motivate each other to succeed and celebrate all milestones and accomplishments together.

Here are some skills to learn together and links to online instruction for them.

Learn how to make delectable treats together. Work as a team to create your edible masterpieces or divide into teams for competition. Either way, at the end of each lesson, you will have delicious meals or desserts at the ready.

Baking and Learning

  • CocuSocial – live and interactive virtual classes
  • Haven’s Kitchen – Private virtual classes with Group ones in September
  • Raddish Kids – a subscription cooking club with kits delivered to your home


There’s nothing better than having fun while unknowingly learning problem-solving, strategy, and concentration skills. This is what you’ll get by using both the analytical and creative sides of your brain, while you play.


Make hats, rugs, potholders and so much more while learning a creative and useful craft. This is a relaxing skill which will improve dexterity and innovation.

  • Joann Fabric – online classes through CreativeBug & their YouTube channel
  • Skillshare – a variety of videos & classes according to the item you want to make
  • Spruce Crafts – virtual lessons and videos


These skills, rarely taught at school, are most vital for a successful future. Now is surely the perfect opportunity to take time ensuring your kids and family are financially savvy. Many lessons often include games and pretend investing where you can compare and discuss your choices together as a family.

Finance and Investing

  • – at-home lesson plans about money
  • – many financial class options for kids & families, varying topics
  • Young Ameritowne – fun way to learn business, finance & entrepreneurship


Spend time outside with the family learning about soil, plants, and growing food. This is a great way to teach kids traditional gardening, hydroponics, permaculture and more.

  • Garden Tutor – classes and kits
  • Skillshare – varying videos about specific gardening topics
  • Udemy – video lessons and courses per gardening topics



Get ready for your winter needs by learning how to make your own scarves, hats, mitts, sweaters and more. A fun, hands-on, creative way to physically make products and gifts. You can even work on a huge project together like a blanket.


What a gift to be bi-lingual or tri-lingual! The knowledge of another language allows you to speak with even more people from all over the world. Learn a new language and practice together.

  • Babbel – lessons and scenarios
  • Duolingo – free instruction through lessons and rewards
  • Pimsleur – lessons, videos, and games

Painting and Drawing

Looking to fine-tune or develop your family’s artistic flair, or perhaps you want to create a masterpiece mural, all together, for the living room. You’re in luck! There are many online classes that can help you.

  • Lunch Doodles – free cartoon drawing lessons
  • Skillshare – a vast array of classes
  • Sparketh – in depth art classes with unlimited access to over 1000 video lessons

Photo and Videography

Want to take better family pictures and videos for prosperity? Then take one of these courses to get you started.

Playing an Instrument

Does your family love music? Do you want to start a family band? Then, enjoy one of these online courses for your musical enjoyment.

  • Orpheus Academy – piano, guitar, voice & violin (virtual individual & group)
  • Outschool – separate classes for all instruments and signing
  • School of Rock – guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and singing

Repairs and Construction

Have you always wanted to build your own bookshelf or storage box, or perhaps you have something laying around the house that’s been in need of fixing for the last few months? Well, here’s your opportunity to do that together.

  • Home Depot – project ideas for kids with video instruction
  • My DIY University – various video workshops & quick classes for home repair
  • YouTube – search by project topic to find hundreds of video instruction options


Is there interest in making your own clothes or perhaps hemming new curtains or creating your own quilt? You might need help from the following websites.

  • Outschool – kids project-based video lessons
  • Ronkita – interactive, online lessons
  • Udemy – a variety of project-based video lessons


Typing quickly and accurately is a most useful ability for all careers. Polish off your skills while the kids properly learn to type with these programs.

  • Type Kids – 30 online lessons with games and rewards
  • – comprehensive typing course
  • Typing Club – free complete course with games, rewards & performance tracking

Yoga and Dance 

Feeling the need to move that body a little after sitting down for hours working or studying? Why not try yoga or dance together?


So many, typically in-person, classes and activities have now found a way to offer their instruction online. Explore your passions and have fun learning new skills together. Also, feel free to share your favorite family classes, activities, and learning experience with us anytime.

Please see our virtual pages for more ideas.