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Kristin Harris

Clinical Director- Kristin Harris M.S. Ed., BCBA has been working in the field of special education for eight years. She obtained her BS in Speech & Language Disabilities at SUNY Cortland and received her MS from LIU where she studied Teaching Students with Disabilities and earned her advanced certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. Kristin has extensive experience with discrete trial instruction and developing programming to foster independence in the children she serves. She is especially interested in social skills curricula that facilitate community integration. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys eating good food and spending time with her French bulldog, Bogey.

Articles Written

Are Your Child’s Sleep Problems Keeping You Up?

A recent long-term study found that toddlers who slept less than 10 hours per night or had many night-time wake ups tended to have more emotional and behavioral problems at age 5.  Another popular study found that 69% of children suffer from one or more sleep problems a few nights per week. Typical sleep requirements for children are as follows: newborns should be getting 16-18 hours, children aged 2-10 should get up to 10 hours and adolescents need 8-9 hours of sleep.