A recent long-term study found that toddlers who slept less than 10 hours per night or had many night-time wake ups tended to have more emotional and behavioral problems at age 5.  Another popular study found that 69% of children suffer from one or more sleep problems a few nights per week. Typical sleep requirements for children are as follows: newborns should be getting 16-18 hours, children aged 2-10 should get up to 10 hours and adolescents need 8-9 hours of sleep.

Strategies for Promoting Healthy Sleep Behavior:

  • Establish a nighttime routine
    Start a bedtime ritual that can be done every night.  For example: Healthy snack, bath, story-time, tuck-in, and final goodnight
  • Restrict electronics at least an hour before bed
    Make sure to fill your child’s nighttime routine with activities that are equally as fun as screen time
  • Put your child to bed while he is still awake, but drowsy
    It’s important that your child knows that sleep is something that is done alone.  If he goes to sleep surrounded by loved ones and wakes up alone, he will feel scared and lonely.  Knowing how to fall asleep alone is a skill that needs to be taught and could involve the next strategy
  • Graduated Ignoring
    A gradual fading out of your presence is sometimes necessary for teaching a child how to fall asleep.  This may begin with you being present through the night and over time, results in the complete removal of parent presence after the final goodnight
  • The Nighttime Pass
    This involves allowing your child to visit you a specified number of times per night for a specified amount of time.  The number of visits allowed is faded over time.

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