Free online, interactive sessions – jeopardy, number games, hands-on science experiments, word play, music and more.

Are you tired of your kids just watching TV or playing with Apps? With high speed Internet and video conferencing widely available, why should TV still be one way and not interactive? What if you had a live presenter/entertainer or educator that your child could interact with, be it a magician, a science genie, a math wizard, a musician, or a yogi!

WebKidziee is introducing a new concept that is about to change the screen time experience of your kids! WebKidzIEE offers Interactive Enrichment and Entertainment through live online programs that kids participate in and ask questions. The programs are offered by talented hosts carefully screened by WebKidziee. The children get to experience the best talent from anywhere in the US and not just from your town or city. WebKidziee is convenient and fun – your children can participate right from your home and you can even invite their friends or cousins to join the fun from wherever they are.

WebKidziee is now offering free trials. Check it out:

Here are some sessions that are currently being offered for free:

  • Jeopardy Game
  • Fun Science - Magic Milk and Making ice cream
  • Multiply with Ever-growing caterpillar
  • Origami – Classic Crane
  • Music Beats
  • Simple Science Experiments - Air Pressure
  • 7-Second Integer Cards
  • Memory - Divide and Find the Match


Does your child love watching Jeopardy? What if they can participate in a Jeopardy show with other children and win a prize? That is exactly what they can do on WebKidziee. Come check it out at and sign up for the Jeopardy show.