Do you wish you knew more languages?

Are you considering having your child learn a second language?

THE TIME IS NOW and the earlier the better!

Once thought to be a detriment for young children, learning multiple languages at the same time is now one of the best gifts you can give your child. Disproven are the tales that learning two languages at once will lead to confusion or a slower development in each language. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that such lessons, when taught correctly, will increase a child’s development and create multiple, additional benefits in the process.

Learning a second or third language, at a very early age, oozes with advantages.

These are the Ten benefits, which have been studied over time, and can’t be ignored:

1. Boosts brain functions allowing for better learning abilities

2. Boosts problem solving

3. Enhances critical thinking

4. Improves listening skills

5. Raises levels of concentration

6. Teaches multi-tasking skills

7. Boosts memory

8.  Enhances creativity

9.  Improves mental flexibility

10. Increased neural activity in response to anything unfamiliar

As though this isn’t enough to convince a parent it might be a good idea to enroll their child in a bilingual school or after-school program, studies have shown that bilingual employees tend to earn 5-20% more money than mono-lingual individuals. Learning a new language with your child can be incredibly fun and rewarding! Should you choose to give your child a “leg-up” and enroll them in a bilingual school or after-school program.

Here are some language programs for kids that you may want to consider:

French Institute and the Alliance Française (FIAF)

FIAF offers french programs and lessons for Toddlers, Kids, and Teens (ages 1-17) as well as a French for preschoolers (ages 2 1/2 - 4). Children can learn French, attend social and cultural events specially curated for them, and take advantage of their Library's collection of French books, ebooks, magazines, and movies for kids. Whether you’re planning a trip to France, interested in brushing up your French, or looking to explore the language for the first time, FIAF classes in Montclair will unlock the best of French and French cultures for you. All french classes for kids are taught by highly trained native speakers of French who come from all over the Francophone world and are fully certified to teach French as a foreign language. 7 N. Willow Street, Ste 7, Montclair, NJ -  973.783.0507. Learn More.

Gainville Learning Center

At GainVille, kids are immersed in weekly language classes in French, Italian, Arabic, or Spanish, all taught by native-speaking instructors. Children are grouped into proficiency and grade-level classes from PreK to Grade 12.  Classes are held Monday - Saturday and sessions are 1x or 2x per week. Gain Contact Group is accredited through the Middle States Association as a Secondary School. They can also bring a language to your school. Register September to June throughout the Academic year and save 15% off the tuition for ALL three trimesters, Fall (12 week term from September - December), Winter (12 week term from January - April) and Spring (8 week term from May to June), plus Summer language programs. They teach at 2 locations, Rutherford and Ridgewood. 201.507.1800  Learn More.

Spring Academy 

Spring Academy is a Montessori school (for ages 2 1/2 to 6 which is their primary program, and also teach school-aged kids from K+ with after school enrichment and camp). They are unique because they also integrate into their curriculum a language immersion program. Their principle mission is to teach for children to "learn by doing." They provide an individualized educational and developmental experience based on Montessori principles and have a curriculum that includes: Math, Language Arts, Science, Practical Life, and Foreign Language. Their Language Classrooms offer both Chinese Mandarin and Spanish immersion with lessons in both language and culture. They train young students to master language from an early age, thus preparing them to be global citizens. There is also an option for students to take half-day Montessori sessions and half-day Language Immersion sessions daily. 2 Locations: Westfield, NJ and Warren, NJ. 908.301.6168. Learn More.

Tessa International School

Tessa International School is an independent, bilingual school in Hoboken offering Spanish, Mandarin or French programs to its families. They provide a strong educational foundation for children aged 2 in preschool to Grade 3. They boast an 80% immersion for their PreK to K graders and a 50% immersion from elementary. Incorporating best practices from around the world, students are challenged through the teaching and learning every day. Tessa follows the International Baccalaureate approach, in conjunction with the French National  Curriculum and curricula from Spanish and Chinese--speaking countries. The school aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, caring and respectful children of the world.  720 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ. 201-755-5585. Learn More.