At ICA, we ignite the passion for chess in young minds and nurture it into greatness!

Our exceptional team of highly trained chess instructors is second to none. Many of them are not only skilled educators but also active tournament competitors and top-rated chess players. With some achieving the prestigious titles of Master or Grandmaster, your child will receive top-tier guidance from the very best!

What sets us apart is our rich history of over 20 years, during which we've witnessed countless students fall head over heels in love with this incredible game. At ICA, our expectations are high, and we take immense pride in seeing our students grow, develop their skills, and unleash their true potential.

But it's not just about chess; it's about creating lasting friendships and a sense of belonging in our vibrant chess community. Our students form bonds that go beyond the game, creating memories that last a lifetime.

And here's the best part – our impact extends far beyond the chessboard. Our students have achieved remarkable success in academics and gone on to top-tier institutions like Princeton, MIT, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins. We're not just teaching chess; we're empowering young minds for future greatness!

The ICA reputation as a premier chess school extends well beyond our local region. We're recognized nationally and internationally for our excellence, drawing admiration from chess enthusiasts worldwide.

Join us at ICA and be a part of the chess movement that's shaping tomorrow's champions. Together, we'll unlock your child's full potential and pave the way for a future filled with triumphs on and off the board. Embrace the journey to greatness at ICA! 🏆👑