Robotics & Computer Science for Kids

Storming Robots is an exceptional institution dedicated to nurturing bright minds through robotics and computer science, with a strong emphasis on computational thinking. It is led by a recipient of the 2019 Presidential Scholars Program's Distinguished Teacher Award, ensuring that our students receive the high quality education and mentorship.

Join Us for a FREE One-Hour Work-shop at Our Exceptional Learning Lab. Once a month – FREE 1-hr hands-on workshop for Gr. 5 to 8 following an Assessment Test. Check out details and sign up HERE.

Grade 5-8

MIT - ZeroRobotics Satellites Programming Competition
Hands - on robotics workshops: Great for those who want to work beyond LEGO platform, and Blockly coding. You may take one or multiple weeks, and continue to advance from one level to the next even within the same week. No one will repeat whatever they can master!
Computer Science (Beyond coding) – aim to take part in the American Computer Science League - Junior Division.

Grades 8-12

Hands-on robotics and electronic workshops centered on open-source platforms like Arduino, emphasizing full automation.
Algorithmic Programming – Focusing on analysis and efficiency.
Two advanced Robotics Workshops: For robotic enthusiasts who are also interested in software development

-Computer Vision Control (bridge to Machine Learning)
-Remote Visual Control Rover
-Build and program your own controller
-Remotely control navigation via remote engine’s live video feed.

Why Computational Thinking Skills Matter!

In today's digital landscape, CS with Computational Thinking literacy stands as fundamental as the ABCs. Computer science is often misunderstood as mere coding. It's far more than that—it's a mindset, a journey that cultivates proficiency and adaptability. Learning code solely for its sake doesn't inherently foster problem-solving abilities.

Regrettably, grade school education frequently neglects this crucial aspect, resulting in a significant gap as students advance from middle school to high school and subsequently to college. At Storming Robots, it acknowledges this void—a gap that impedes students' progression.

You will find two groups of summer programs— for Gr.5-8 and Gr.8+. Both are centered on imparting concrete computer-centric knowledge along with programming with Computational Thinking skills, and Robotics engineering disciplines.

Direct Benefits

Refined Problem-Solving: Sharpen analytical skills essential, creativity and innovative ability in tackling engineering challenges.

Increase their competitiveness: Gain a competitive edge in various contests, such as Advanced Placement in CS –A, ACSL, USACO, Equip them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to secure High School Internship.