Teaching Values To Students That Last A Lifetime

The Westfield School of Dance began as a small dance studio on the corner of Boulevard and South Avenue- long before web sites, texting and social media existed.

What began from a passion for dance and a passion for seeing children fall in love with dancing has become a venue where children are cherished and encouraged to succeed over and over again doing what they love!

WSOD’s love of dance and the love of what they do and how they approach their teaching methods has remained a constant in the community and has seen thousands of families come through their doors despite trends and fads. Dance is an art form that surmounts the ever-changing world of technology and provides a child with a place to grow and explore who they are and WSOD embraces that philosophy.

Children and the art of dance are important to them and it shows in the reputation they’ve earned for caring about their families and students both in the classroom and out.

In 2004 WSOD moved to the center of town and built a beautiful, warm, inviting and friendly studio not only in look but in the quality of programs offered along with the accomplished instructors that are all part of the WSOD experience. This fall, WSOD celebrates 20 years; a family centered dance studio teaching values to students that last a lifetime. More than just words, more than just steps, Westfield School of Dance is integrity in motion.

Westfield School of Dance

137 Central Avenue, 2nd floor, Westfield, NJ
908-789-3011 / thewestfieldschoolofdance.com