...Introducing Princess Plié & Friends!

"Come see how a pair of shoes can change her life...DANCE! (tm) Dancers Pointe is so excited to introduce Princess Plie and friends to the world! Our stories will teach "life skills through dance!" Each book will take every child into a magical world where they will create adventures, explore dance and have lots of fun!

About the Author:

Cathy Karosick-Vigliotti opened her studio in her mother's basement in 1969. For over 40 years she has dedicated herself to creating quality dancers. One of Cathy’s first students was a cute five year old named Mary Dressendofer. Over the years, Mary’s confidence and expertise also grew into what would become a lifelong love for dance. Mary also went on to become a successful corporate attorney and now runs Dancers Pointe with her friend and mentor Cathy. Since its inception, Dancers Pointe was built on the foundation of "quality and integrity" teaching “life skills” through dance. Dancers Pointe is a family of dance studios where parents, children, employees, vendors and franchise owners come together to create the STARS of tomorrow. In 2009, the two lifelong friends became business partners bound by what became a common, mutual dream of balancing a life around family, community, health, and fun. Their partnership grew the studios from 1 location to now 5 locations and still growing nationwide. After many years of perfecting the systems and the business model, in 2013 Mary and Cathy began franchising Dancers Pointe and created Princess Plie and friends as part of their curriculum. For more information or to own your own franchise, visit us at www.DancersPointe.com.

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