Taking a bold move towards empowering children of all ages, Elisa DiChristina narrates Are You A Glow Kid? and through Glowy; by sharing crooked lines, smudge marks and fuzzy words & pictures, enables children to appreciate individuality, develop a healthy self-concept and to overcome bullying. Glowy will take the readers on a journey in a compassionate story about becoming a leader, making friends and empowering yourself and others. Glow Kids know that glowing is being comfortable as who they are, not as other kids want to fit them into their peers.

The book is the most precious gift we can give our children, as it is the gift of inner wisdom, with courageous self-guidance for responsible living. This book along with the Are You A Glow Kid? Educational Guide is intended for, parents, educators, therapist, various professionals and trusted adults who have the privilege to enhance glowful living in a child / children’s life.

GlowHouse Kids, LLC encourages children to stay true to their glow by having the courage and self-freedom to be the best version of who they are, particularly when coping with adversity. We implore children to pass the glow forward amongst their peers to create a harmonious youthful generation of leaders. Glowy will ask its readers if they are a Glow Kid and encourage children to contact Glowy and tell her why they are you are proud to be themselves.

Are You A Glow Kid? picture story book is specifically designed to be used with the Are You A Glow Kid? Educational Guide in order to achieve maximum character development lesson benefits. The program is over 60 combined pages.

Glow House Kids, LLC supports the community with a portion of the of book sales back to schools and the Anti Bully Squad program.

Praise for the Book

“A first of its kind. A much needed guide to help children navigate successfully and healthily through the challenges of childhood.” Jenny A. Blanchard, D.O., Board Certified Child/ Adolescent/ Adult Psychiatrist, CEO – Total Spectrum Health, P.C.

“Ground-breaking…Glowy holds the key to teaching how powerful positive words and action can be through the power of choice.” Ken, Police Captain, 25 year veteran, 22 years as a DARE Officer, anti-bullying advocate & instructor in New Jersey, currently in charge of the Criminal Investigations Division at his agency, formerly a Detective, Patrol Officer, Patrol Supervisor & K9 Handler.

“Empowering and what kids needs need to know…you are stronger than the bully.” Jenny, Supervisor, NJ Department of Child Protection, 10 years as a Field Worker

“Are You A Glow Kid?, is a comprehensive resource for both parents and professional alike. The exercises are well thought out and provide hands-on, relevant, experiential learning for children. The suggested multisensory experiences provide children with the opportunity to apply the lessons contained within the book to their daily lives.” Kathleen Burke, Licensed Professional Counselor, School Counselor, School Social Worker

“This book provides a much needed role model for children, presented in a fun, positive, original and energetic way. Parents and children will instantly LOVE Glowy,” – Tammy Witters, MA, Ed Psych, mother of 3 girls, SCA Board Member & girl’s sports coach

“Artist RyAnn Jack is a super star. A patient in the Child Development Center at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital (Paterson, NJ) as a child, RyAnn has shown that people coping with Aspergers Disorder can shine with comprehensive support and consistent positive guidance from schools, physicians and the family and friends who love them. Congratulations to RyAnn on this and so many successes – the possibilities are unlimited!” Aparna Mallik, MD, Assistant Director, Child Development Center, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, Paterson, New Jersey

Author, Elisa DiChristina, MSW, LCSW

Author, Elisa DiChristina, MSW, LCSW has an array of clinical experiences, which includes psychiatric emergency services, impatient settings, ranging from ICU to emergency departments, as well as oncology and infectious disease (HIV). She consulted to New Jersey Division of Children Protection and Permanency, taught as an adjunct professor and worked as a psychotherapist. Additionally, she has worked in numerous settings and systems, such as children’s residential facilities, a juvenile detention center, group homes for adolescents, police departments and jails. She was credentialed as a NJ Mental Health Screener, NJ Court Appointed Parent Coordinator and NJ Certified Divorce Mediator.

Elisa became motivated to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents, particularly while completing suicidal and homicidal threat assessments of minors. She started a business in which a supportive and fun environment would aid in raising healthy children. GlowHouse Kids’s environment enhances glowful living and supports youth, parents and communities. Elisa holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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