“Thankful Me” encourages young readers to reflect upon all the good things in their lives.

Author, music educator T.R. Merryfield announces release of new children’s book!

Written by author and music educator, T.R. Merryfield, “Thankful Me: Loving and Learning from A to Z” is an educational book taking children through a journey of things to be thankful for in their lives– from the simplest to the most profound–through illustrations, the alphabet and rhymes.

The book encourages young readers to slow down and appreciate the love and advantages available to them. “We live in a time when children are excelling at and accomplishing so much,” says Merryfield. “Sometimes they are too busy to remember to be aware of all the good around them.”

Through playful rhymes, colorful illustrations and the ABC’s, Merryfield hopes children will have fun reflecting upon all of the good things– big and small.

“Thankful Me”

By T.R. Merryfield
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About the Author

T.R. Merryfield has worked with children for 35 years as a music educator.