Written by Meggie Haneckow.  NJ Mom Squad Team.

Be it a crisp winter or a sunny summer, the most pleasant thing that anyone would love to wake up to is watching birds hopping around in the garden or in the backyard of your home. It’s awe inspiring to watch tiny birds calling their mates. Bird watching with My Spy Birdhouse is such a delightful activity that it can become addictive. However, not everyone gets to experience the joy of watching birds. Only those who are able to understand the art of attracting birds get to witness the sheer happiness of bird watching.

Bird House

You would second the fact that over a period of time, because of the diminishing natural habitats of birds, bird spotting has become an extremely tough task. Because of the disturbance in ecological attractors, native birds have vanished in large numbers.

However, if you are really wished to watch birds, don’t be disheartened. There is a lot that can be done. Following are some tips that you must consider for attracting birds in your backyard or garden.

Tip 1: Shortlist a Space Where You’d Like to Watch Birds: The first step to attracting birds is thinking about a space that will attract birds. The space has to be just right for the birds to come and spend some time at. Birds prefer a natural environment with proper sunshine and facilities for water as well as food. Birds are attracted to plants and bushes like birch and hawthorn. You can also plant a tree that bears flowers and fruits. Even if you keep little plants on your terrace, you will see that the birds visit you more often.

Tip 2: Think about Creating Artificial Water Bodies: Artificial bodies like waterfalls, tiny lakes or any other appeal to many birds. Because a lot of birds have to cover huge distances flying, they need to drink regularly.

An artificial bird bath with water depth which is appropriate for the kind of birds that you wish to attract is one of the many ways of attracting birds. You can also throw in some tiny pebbles that can help the birds perch. You should also see to it that the birdbaths are placed near a tree that can provide them a cover. The birds shouldn’t feel that someone is watching them. Keep the water clean. It shouldn’t be freezing cold. If you wish to see how they behave while in a birdhouse, try to place a wildlife camera near the natural water body.

Tip 3: Provision for Food and Water: Make arrangements for essentials like food and water that the birds prefer should be made properly if you wish to attract them in huge numbers. The belief that birds should be fed only in winters is passé. You need to feed them all around the year. There should a good mix of seeds that you should provide the birds with. You can make a potpourri of seeds like sunflower seeds, canary seeds, husk-free oats and more.

Tip 4: Birdhouses and Shelters: Along with all other points that have been mentioned, you must acknowledge the fact that if the birds like to visit the environment that you have created for them, they would also love to stay there. Make a birdhouse for them or simply buy a wooden birdhouse on sale and keep it there. The shelter that you purchase for the birds should be made of material like wood or porcelain. There are other things as well that you should take into consideration while making or buying a birdhouse.

The above listed tips can help you attract birds in your backyards; however, the birds will revisit only if you keep the ambience of your backyard or gardens well maintained.

About My Spy BirdHouse

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