Keeping your kids entertained can be a daunting task. Children desire excitement and stimulation in their free time and are eager for exploration.

That's why it's important you provide numerous options for their entertainment and recreational education.

Because many exciting kids activities often come with admission costs and expensive supplies, with a little creativity and imagination, you can create activities for your kids that don’t cost a cent.

Here's a list of three educational, creative and healthy activities your child will love:

Outdoor Play

Get out into the fresh air for some outdoor playtime. Visit a local park, where there is a playground for your child’s enjoyment. The tactile stimulation of playgrounds and its recreational facilities will provide an outlet for your child’s physical energy.

You can also go on a nature walk, where you and your child can identify various natural wonders. Create a scavenger hunt where you must find various plants, wildlife and other objects.

In addition, you can also utilize the Geocache app for a pre-made treasure hunt. There are millions of Geocaching sites worldwide created by members of this large, growing community.

The app offers maps of free Geocaches that you and your little one can find. This activity helps you and your child view the world from a different perspective, where you examine tiny details and thoroughly explore places you may not have noticed otherwise.

Educational Activities

Provide your child with an activity that is both educational and entertaining. There are a number of online resources that will test your child’s brainpower in a fun, engaging way.

BusyTeacher offers a number of free, printable word puzzles. You can create a custom word puzzle that is comprised of terms relative to your child’s interests, including their favorite sports, movies, animals or destinations.

Let your child indulge in a little screen time, where they can play interactive, educational computer games.

In addition, ABCYa provides educational games for kids by grade level. These games, available on PC or tablet, will help your child develop math, geography and reading skills.

If you have a child who is exceptionally wiggle-prone, create your own game that's a hybrid between mental and physical dexterity.

Play a game where your child must answer a math question correctly before they can shoot a basketball or kick a soccer ball. You can use this technique for multiplication tables, spelling prompts, or identifying country capitals.

Arts & Crafts

Put on your creative cap and make some art! Crafts don’t require fancy art tools or a multitude of crafty supplies — in fact, you can utilize many items found around the house or in nature.

On a rainy day craft, create fun paper masks. You can use paper plates as the mask canvas, and drawing utensils or markers for the composition of your child’s desired character.

Employ any ornamental household items for extra decorations, like ribbons, napkin flowers and Duct tape.

In addition, how about create wrapping paper or stationery for your child with a customized stamp? You can also find a photo or stencil online that can serve as the stamp image.

Use a potato as a substitute for a rubber stamp and carve the image into the root vegetable.

To learn more about potato stamps, visit Martha Stewart’s website, where she provides a video tutorial that covers the entire process.