As many families struggle to develop a new routine, problems can arise from suddenly working from home, managing household responsibilities, and supporting children academically. Here are some tele-health services made available using virtual technology.


Family Stress Online Video Sessions?  During these unprecedented times, Dr. Vincent D'Amico has opened his practice to include video sessions online.  Whether your family is dealing with stress, anxiety, schedule issues, behavioral acting out, or issues relating to being confined at home, these issues can be addressed in a professional yet personal manner through a video session.  Having your usual routine changed so drastically is stressful in and of itself.  Many students, and parents, are currently having difficulty adjusting. Family Stress Reduction Institute/ADD/ADHD Diagnostic & Treatment Center, Learn More.  Contact: Dr. Vincent D'Amico at (845) 353-2229 to schedule an initial consultation. 

College Success Strategies in these Changing Times.  Has your college student been sent home and expected to finish their semester online? College can be stressful for everyone, but especially so for students with ADHD and now extremely overwhelming. Help is Here Coaching will teach you tools and strategies for setting your goals while addressing obstacles and the sense of overwhelm.  Contact  917-359-5442.  

Tele-health Executive Functioning Program to support parents and children.  Cognitive Behavioral Consultants (CBC) is helping students maintain academic momentum during Covid-19. CBC’s virtual executive functioning program will support parents and children as they navigate online studies and anxiety during this challenging time. As part of our tele-health executive functioning program, we are offering sessions targeted towards the following: Developing an effective routine and daily structure, understanding how to best support your child’s learning based on his/her learning style, strategies for managing multiple responsibilities, bolstering executive functioning skills. Their virtual executive functioning sessions incorporate evidence-based strategies. Sessions can be individual or group based. Learn More.
Contact: 914-385-1150 or

For more tips to help reduce stress during these times, read the articles found in our parenting pages on how to set up your wework space, how to manage a crisis at home, and working parent tips.