Get in touch with New Jersey's revolutionary past at the Old Barracks Museum, where kids can see how soldiers and officers lived and worked during the days of the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War. Tour guides bring visitors around the original military barracks and galleries include artifacts like George Washington's wallet and one of the oldest flags in North America.

Old Barracks Museum

Exhibit: All Is Threatened and Endangered...: New Jersey and the French & Indian War

The exhibit examines the role of the Lenape/Delaware people of New Jersey and nearby Pennsylvania in the French & Indian War. An original Lenape dugout canoe and excavated Lenape tools and pipes will be displayed. Trentonian, William Trent's relationship with the Delawares will be examined.
Additional displays include:
  • Maps showing the locations of numerous forts in the Upper Delaware county
  • Examples of original weapons, ceramics and period NJ ephemera; the only surviving "Pine Tree Flag" which is among the third or fourth oldest surviving flags of any type in North America or the British Isles
  • Lifelike mannequins depicting a private soldier of the Jersey Blues, a private soldier of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot, and a Delaware warrior

Guided tours of the Old Barracks run Monday through Saturday, starting every hour from 10 AM, with the last tour beginning at 4 PM.

Old Barracks Museum

101 Barrack St, Trenton, NJ 08608, (609) 396-1776.