Some ideas you may have not thought about

Planning a birthday party? Whether you are considering an old fashioned, at home backyard romp or a spa day extravaganza, why not create a party that the kids will remember.  From picking a theme and invitations to party activities and goody bags, here are some of our our top 10 tips to creating a fun and memorable day. Then read through our special party section for ideas our our party sponsors for ways to enhance your party further!

Considering a party? Consider your child. Pick a party theme and venue that best exemplifies him or her. Focus on one of your child’s talents or hobbies. There’s a place and idea for every interest - and nothing is too “unique” or obscure. Kids love learning and trying new things!

Think out of the box - Once you’ve picked a theme, don’t just do the expected. Take it to the next level. Got a dancer? Plan a luau.  Fashionista? Tie-dye or bedazzle shirts.  Future Astronaut? Plan a rocket ship launch.

Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses - Birthday parties aren’t a contest. Kids don’t care how much you spend or what sort of entertainment there is. They just love having fun with their friends. Sometimes simplicity is more!

Invite creativity - Have fun with the invitations. Have your child help and be creative! For the luau, why not drop an invitation taped to a lei in each child’s mailbox.  Going to a museum? Create a simple ticket invitation. For that astronaut party, staple the party info to a package of Pop Rocks.

Checklist - Make a checklist and check it twice! After all, who among us hasn’t pulled out the cake and suddenly realized they forgot candles!

Save a little $$ - Plan a party NOT around a mealtime. You don’t have to serve a full pizza lunch at 3PM. Consider some pretzels and
grapes, plus the birthday cake.

Extra Hands - Reach out to a local temple or church and see if any teenagers are looking to do some service hours. An extra hand or two
can be very helpful when you’ve got twenty 6 years olds roaming around your house!

Get Down and Get Silly - Nothing helps make a party more fun than some good old fashioned silly games. Sure, there’s musical chairs and hot potato- but what about a pet themed party where guests have to see who can eat the kibble - i.e. chocolate flavored cereal - the fastest out of a bowl...with no hands!

Goody Bag Dilemma - What to put in the goody bags? Why not incorporate the guest giveaway into the party. Airplane theme? Paint wooden airplanes. Tea Party? Decorate sugar cookies. Dinosaurs? A dino scavenger hunt out in the backyard.

Giving Back -It’s never too early to help children learn to give to those in need. Why not ask for toy donations instead of gifts and then afterward, bring the donations to a local hospital or shelter. Later, celebrate with a family movie or ice cream store visit.