Twice this week I have spoken to dear people who have become overwhelmed…not with their stuff as you would expect to hear from me - but with what other people think about their stuff.  One lady’s children refuse to come to her home because of the clutter and another it is the neighbor.  My response to this information is “How do you feel about your stuff?”

There are a few key items that would make clutter particularly dangerous:  if paramedics would be unable to reach you in an emergency, if the clutter prevents proper housekeeping, if you are unable to locate the things you need when you need them… If these situations do not pertain to yours situation then you would be in line telling these caring folks to mind their own business. 

More often than not, they are telling you, what they consider gentle way, that you need better housekeeping.  One of the aforementioned ladies actually had a dead water bug hanging from a cobweb that she simply did not see.  If you have someone that cares for you telling you to conquer your clutter, step outside of your comfort zone and take an objective look around…what is it they really see?

Clutter does indeed make for a difficult cleaning task but if you are up to challenge then more power to you!  In the end, you should be happy in your space.  If your happy space is too much for visitors to bear then it is simply a decision of what is more important, your space or your relationship with those people. 

Have a Neat day!

Jennifer Snyder
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts