So you want to get organized – the first thing to do is to run to your nearest Container Store (which is more than two hours away) and purchase everything you see.  With all of those containers who could help but be organized, right?  Wrong. 

Being “organized” means different things to different people but one thing remains clearly the same: you can’t buy it.  You can’t buy time if you run out at the end of the day, you can’t buy a missing passport on the way to the airport.  Fancy bins and baskets are great but planning and preparation is the key. 

As someone who teaches people how to be more organized for a living, I find that time is the most elusive of all things sought.  We are given 24 hours each day, no more-no less.  If you lose time and are unable to look back on your day and feel a sense of accomplishment for something…anything, consider keeping a time journal.  Very similar to a food journal, a time journal can very accurately indicate where your time has gone. 

Keep your journal for two weeks – including weekends.  Take care to write in it several times daily so as not to forget anything.  When you are finished, what you find will surprise you.  This is the fastest – and most economical way to reclaim your life from the ticking clock. 

For a time journal template, simply send an email to and one can be forwarded to you. 

Jennifer Snyder
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts