When I say the "60 Second Rule", I’m not talking about how long a piece of food can stay on the ground before it becomes unfit to eat; I’m talking about how long it takes to put something away.  If you have an item, let’s say a shirt you elected not to wear, out of place and it can be put away in 60 seconds or less, do it right then. 

By putting off the inevitable, you are adding time and stress to the situation.  If the procrastination issue is significant, it could take a great deal of time to tackle a lot of things that could have easily been done along the way.  For example, take your garage, if you use an extension cord out the garage and set it on a shelf instead of putting in the cord box, that small inaction is the first step to requiring an entire day to put the garage back together. 

The small actions, requiring less than 60 seconds, are hardly noticed at the time but can add up very quickly.  Extreme situations of inaction result in squalor, which is defined as sordid dirtiness. 

So, 60 seconds.  If it takes less than a minute to do the right thing, what are you waiting for?

Have a Neat day!
Jennifer Snyder
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts