"I paid good money for it" or "“I know it is worth a lot of money, I don’t want to just GIVE it away".  These are two statements I hear over and over again.  The speaker could be talking about furniture, clothing, or toys but it is always the same.  The problem is not whether or not something is of value but where to find the person who will value the item as much you think they should.  There are many options but is it really worth the trouble?  I learned this lesson first hand when trying to sell items on EBay to save up for a very expensive item.  It just never added up.

Let’s take a Louis Vuitton purse for example.  If you are lucky, you will pay approximately $1000 for a genuine handbag. You use it, break it in then decide you want a different style.  Now, what to do with the old one?  A gently used authentic Louis Vuitton would get about $100 on EBay.  So we are already at 10% the original value without calculating shipping charges or PayPal fees.  Trying to sell one at a garage sale might net you $50, if you are lucky.  You might sell it to a friend or on a Facebook swap meet group but the results are about the same. 

All of that considered, before you can sell it there is a laundry list of steps to take.  1. Clean the bag better than it was ever cleaned when you used it, including the bottom corners and inside pockets.  Take beautiful photos of the bag without a lot of clutter in the background.  Upload the photo to your computer and use some photo shop.  List and wait.  Maybe list again. 

Once it is sold, it must be carefully packaged and shipped with insurance, return receipt, and delivery confirmation.  Fuel for driving the bag around should also be factored in. All of this for a 10% return. 

Now, let’s take a closer look: 

Original purchase price
EBay listing & PayPal fees 
  -  $10.00
-  $15.00
Shipping supplies 
-  $10.00
-  $10.00
  -  $50.00

A simple donation to your favorite charity would have given you a $10 write off.  That is double what you would make after all of the trouble.  This is just an EBay sale, a garage sale is considerable more trouble and expense.

So before you jump into bed with the idea that everything must be sold, consider the true time and expense involved.  You might be surprised. 

Have a Neat day!
Jennifer Snyder
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts