In terms of organizing, the general population can be divided into two groups, Right-brain dominant and Left-brain dominant. There are also individuals who balance between the two. In short, right-brainers, affectionately called Arbies, are typical creative types that like to see their things and materials. Left-brainers, affectionately called Elbies, are your typical organized type that thrives with neatness and uniformity.

Most organizing systems and supplies are based on an Elbie's way of thinking, which makes an Arbie feel hopeless.  Arbies are labeled as messy and lazy when in reality their brains simply operate differently, with a unique system of priorities. Here is the good news! Arbies can indeed be organized, it just looks different!

Many of my Arbie clients have a preconceived notion that their organizing systems need to look like those seen on Pinterest or organizing blog sites.

These systems are wonderful for those who can use them and Arbie systems can look equally as lovely. One Arbie client wanted to find a better way to manage his papers instead of using a file system hidden in a drawer; we purchased clear boxes, installed wall shelves above his desk then labeled those boxes. Examples include Papers to go Home, Current Projects, Completed Projects, Leads, and Items of Assistant.  This system may seem inefficient for an Elbie yet for my Arbie client it worked miracles in keeping his desk free of papers.

Now for the million-dollar question, are you an Arbie or an Elbie? There are very complicated sets of traits but the simplest one involves your tube of toothpaste. Arbies will squeeze in the middle or anywhere and replacing the cap is optional with it often lost completely. Elbies will squeeze from the bottom maximizing the amount squeezed from the tube. I, am a little of both, I squeeze anywhere yet insist the cap is always put back on.

In my personal example, this demonstrates that it is indeed possible to be an Arbie and learn the skills that come so easily to Elbies and vice versa.

Not all hope is lost!  Regardless of how hopeless you might feel, a Professional Organizer can help you identify your unique organizing system.

Have a NEAT day!
Jennifer Snyder
Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts