Being a Professional Organizer, I am always trying to recognize events in my life that help me to identify with my clients.  My house isn’t perfect…and neither am I.  My most recent event occurred at the Laundromat – of all places.  Let me tell you my story. 

I haven’t set foot in a Laundromat in more than a decade. When my dryer broke a few months back I thought we would use it as an opportunity to move forward in being earth conscious and use a clothes line.  Noble as this idea may have been, line drying all of the clothes for a family of five during the rainy season isn’t quite the start I was anticipating.  When my most precious friend told me she goes to the “mat”, I thought it might be fun to go to together.  This would give me time with my friend and get my family off my back about needing clean underwear.  Boy was I in for a surprise. 

First, I had a car load of laundry.  Now, I drive an SUV.  I am talking the entire cargo area, back seat and passenger seat…FULL.  The good news is it only took me two hours to wash every stitch in my whole house.  It was hard work! I sweat more than during a workout but had such a great feeling of accomplishment.  The crowning moment was when I got home with my 20 or so baskets of folded clothes that were already sorted by room where they were destined. 

It was my precious friend that pointed out the connection to my organizing clients.  So many times my clients are indeed organized individuals who become the victims of circumstance.  Things happen…an illness, a new baby, a death…that prevents them from staying on top of things.  That is where an Organizer comes in.  Just as the Mat was hard work and pretty expensive; it was worth it to have an, albeit small, window with no worries about laundry.  The satisfaction of feeling a sense of completion made it all worth it. 

Sometimes even the most organized of people need help getting over the hump…and I am not talking about Wednesday!  Now, how do you stay on top of laundry for a family of five (or three, or ten)?  One load each day, every day, no matter what! 

Have a Neat and One-Load Day!

Jennifer Snyder
Neat as a Pin! Organizing Experts