We have been looking forward to this day for twelve long years and here we are…at college!  Classes will start soon and in addition to feeding ourselves and doing our laundry, we have to manage to keep up with college classes.  The biggest obstacle for most college freshmen is time management.  Without Mom and school officials to keep us in line, we are left to our devices in the midst of the most freedom we have ever had! 

Here are some ways to start smart at school:

  1. Start with a bound calendar.  A bound calendar will not get lost and you can see exactly what is in store for each day.  Be sure to schedule yourself some study time every day…and stick to it!
  2. Color-code each class then purchase pens (ultra fine point Sharpies are ideal), folders, spirals, and any other items in those colors.  It may be helpful to utilize plastic file pockets to hold papers that are not currently relevant yet will be needed again before finals. 
  3. Create a folder on your laptop for “School” then a sub-folder for each class along with one for administrative and financial documents related to your enrollment and one for each extra-curricular activity.  Only classes need to be color-coded though.
  4. Mirror your electronic folders in your email Inbox. 
  5. Make sure you have a place to study, complete with a way to file important information. 
  6. Calculate how long it takes to get from point A to point B, this could be from dorm to first class then next class, etc.  If you have a moderate amount of time between any two classes, plan to go to the library rather than the local trendy coffee shop. 

If you take care of your business first then it will be easier to play when the work is done. 

Congratulations on your new phase of life and like all things, it is only as good as you make it. 

Have a Neat day! 

Jennifer Snyder
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