Are you making the most of your time or are you a daily “fire fighter”, running around putting out “fires” all day?  It is one thing to understand the principles of time management yet task management seems to be elusive to many.  We all have the promotional notepads with the To Do list boxes already printed on them, but do they really help?  Maybe if you are going to the grocery store. 

The best way to manage your tasks is to first understand how you think.  If you forget anything that you can’t see, a notepad isn’t likely to work.  For these thinkers, I recommend the Sticky Method.  With this type of task management, you write your tasks on 3x3 sticky notes.  You place the sticky notes on a large dry erase board mounted to the wall.  The board should be divided into realistic time frames (i.e. Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, etc).  Place the sticky notes into the appropriate category. Move them around as necessary.  Take it one step further by color coding your papers. 

Here is an example: today you have an appointment to take your children to the dentist but the office calls to tell you the doctor is out sick today.  You will take the dentist paper and move it to the coordinating day of the rescheduled appointment.  When you are away from your office, take the sticky notes with you.  These can easily be placed into a pocket calendar or a day planner. 

How you manage your tasks isn’t nearly as important as the fact that you do it.  Your system doesn’t have to look like your neighbors, and if you read about one in a book and it doesn’t work, it’s ok.  Take a system that sounds good then make modifications where necessary to make it your own.  You are the only you in the world, only you know what will work for you!

Have a Neat day!
Jennifer Snyder
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