Toads on ToastBy Linda Bailey and Colin Jack

Hardcover, 30 pages.

Ages 3-7.

This is a tale of a fox on the hunt for his favorite recipe. That’s right! Toads. But what happens when Mamma Toad ventures to discover her poor baby toadlets on the cutting block? Her imagination runs wild in this suspenseful story that ends with a twist.

Although Toads on Toast seems to have a gruesome plot by the front cover and title, the reader will be pleased by the surprise ending. Don’t be intimidated to read this to your children by the rising action.

"Stop!" cried Mamma, throwing herself across the book. "Take ME instead."

This story highlights the undying love a mother has for her children. When Mamma Toad catches a glance of her babies about to be prepared as a meal for hungry Fox, she does everything in her power to distract him as he drools in front of the cookbook.

The hardcover book is full of color from front to finish. Every fox, and toad, and miniature toadlet are drawn with immaculate detail to keep the little ones drawn to each page. Even though the characters are all animals, they are all fully dressed in clothing adding humor to this thrilling tale. Mamma Toad even has a full head of poofy, orange hair!

Sidenote: No toads were harmed during the making of this  children’s book.

√ I recommend this