Never sleeping a wink, the King prided himself on keeping a keen eye on his daughter, the princess. He would not sleep until he could find her the perfect prince and unfortunately, it was not so simple. In the meantime, the princes competed for her attention, attempting to trick the King to sleep. But in the end, sleep was not the winning trickery; the farmer had something else up his clever sleeve.

The enchanting story also incorporates a little learning for the children. From the days of the week to counting 1-10, the young readers will learn their basics in no time.

Detailed, colorful, hand drawn pictures. The illustrator found a way to create such charming personalities for the royal characters and animals with her drawings alone. 

By Debbie Singleton & Holly Swain

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Ages 4-8

✓ I recommend this

Reviewed by Stephanie Falcone