Marisol is an artist. So lovely an artist, her drawings and painted masterpieces cover every inch of the refrigerator. Until the day her class was assigned the project of painting a mural for the school library. Marisol couldn’t wait to begin and share her art work.

As the title reveals, Marisol was in charge of painting the sky for the library mural. Fortunately, Marisol could not find any blue-ish colors to create the sky. Marisol was stumped, and kept her wondering… that is until she dreamt of the perfect solution that prompted the most mesmerizing class mural.

Sky Color is a true delight. The main character shares such an inspirational feeling to the reader. Her passion for art and wonderful creative thinking throughout the story makes every page enjoyable to read.

The illustrations are designed strategically. Notice the only pages full of captivating and exquisite water color are those in which Marisol is overwhelmed with artistic inspiration. Such a lovely story!

Also keep an eye out for Peter H. Reynold’s The Dot (2003) and Ish (2004).

By Peter H. Reynolds

Hardcover, 30 pages.

Ages 4-6

I highly recommend this