by Lisa McCue

Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors is a celebration of springtime.  The illustrations are simply gorgeous featuring bright and vivid colors. The amazing detail on each page will stimulate conversation between you and your child. McCue writes a wonderful story that children will wish to read again and again. Quiet Bunny discovers the colors of springtime and no longer wishes to be the winter colors of white and brown. Quiet Bunny thinks of clever ways to make his fur resemble beautiful spring colors. Unfortunately the new spring color doesn’t last long. For example, he puts golden honey on himself and rolls in yellow dandelions only to fall in a stream and wash away all the yellow. Quiet Bunny makes multiple efforts such as draping green lily pads over himself, covering himself with blueberry juice, and rolling in red clay. However all his efforts end fruitless leaving him with his winter white and brown fur. Finally a wise owl helps Quiet Bunny see that the beauty of spring lies in the diversity of color. As the last line of the book states, “We are all different colors, and we are all beautiful!”

Ages 2 - 7

Reviewed by Jessica Henson of Kidz Tales Children’s Books