This book is the definition of a "pumpkin story". The young boy, narrator and main character, starts the story by listing the many things he does in preparation for "Pumpkin Day". He points out the transformation of leaves changing color and squirrels storing goodies in their cheeks for the winter, but most of all, he emphasizes his excitement for autumn by searching for the perfect pumpkin.

"Jeffrey, that’s the greatest jack-o-lantern I’ve ever seen," my mother says.
I smile because I know that what she says is true."

This story teaches the readers how to gut, cut, and carve a pumpkin into a jolly jack-o-lantern. Jeffrey’s mother assists him in making this a fun, and most importantly, safe project. The story ends with Jeffrey happily gazing out at his fiery orange pumpkin glowing in the dark, starry night.

Beware: Children may repeating ask you to carve their own pumpkin when the story is finished! Plan accordingly!

By Anne Rockwell
Pictures by Megan Halsey

Hardcover, 30 pages.

Ages 5-7

√ I recommend this