Otto The Book Bear is a small bear with a big secret. When no eyes are on him, Otto comes to life and escapes from his book! He travels long and far exploring the house his book owner resides at, reading his own favorite stories and practicing his writing skills on their typewriter. But one day, his thrilling adventures came to an end. Otto’s book was taken from the house and he was left behind.

"Otto began to search the city, hoping to find a new place to live. But nowhere he went felt like home. It was too busy, too wet, too cold, too smoky, too high, too windy and too unwelcoming."

Poor Otto was too tiny to even be noticed in the large city… until he caught a glimpse of a place full of light and hope… the library!

This distressing tale of Otto’s journey in the real world leaves the reader filled with joy by the last page. Otto finds new book creature friends just like him making him the happiest book bear of all.

Otto The Book Bear is an easy read for young children. The vocabulary is very simple, with very few adjectives. This is both good and bad for the reader. Compared to many other stories, this story does not stretch your imagination. The ending is somewhat expected which may steer away the reader.

On another note, the illustrations are remarkable! Colorful and beautifully drawn by hand using watercolor and pastels. The pictures alone make this book fantastic, with or without the words.

By Katie Cleminson

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Ages 3-6

✓ I recommend this