Ollie’s HalloweenBy Oliver Dunrea

Hardcover, 30 pages.

Ages 2-4.

Ollie is a super cute and petite young, brown gosling. For Halloween, Ollie and his four gosling friends dress up and enjoy the night; a night to beware.

The precious goslings creep around scaring frogs and mice and gobbling treats anywhere they can get their hands on some.

"Hooting like owls.
Howling like wolves.
Creeping through bogs.
Scaring frogs."

This is a simple Halloween story for little ones to easily understand. But, nothing really jumps out at the reader. The rhyming is mediocre and does not offer much humor throughout.

In addition, the drawings are not the most creative I have seen in my day. Don’t get me wrong, the illustrator does a good job portraying the season of fall with the correct color scheme and scenery, but there is nothing witty for the children to point and giggle at. I would keep searching for a more amusing autumn tale!

I do not recommend this