A young boy named Willy has a tough time reading his dinosaur book with his favorite stuffed animal monkey named Bobo. But what’s the problem? No one other than his relentless pet cat… Earl. Earl refuses to leave him and Bobo alone forcing Willy to go to extreme measures… revenge fantasy!

Ideas circling his brain from the interrupted dinosaur story, Willy decides to write an exhilarating adventure of his own. Instead of punishing his pet cat for his constant annoyance, Willy simply incorporates Earl into the story. Willy, Bobo and Earl all star in his own jungle adventure exploding with danger (well, mostly just for Earl).

Willy uses his own story as a way to escape. He communicates his anger toward Earl the cat in the retaliating events he writes in his story. Willy writes and envisions Earl being eaten for snack by a group of snakes. This thankfully did not happen in real life but it did provide catharsis for Willy’s aggravation.

I’ll Save You Bobo teaches children a valuable lesson because as hard as we may try, we all have that one person who bugs us! The unusual story line and clever illustrations are packed with humor. This is definitely a great book choice for children, especially at the age when their imagination is running wild.

By Eileen &Marc Rosenthal

Hardcover, 40 pages.

Ages 3-6

✓ I recommend this