Every morning, countless of working moms head off to the office – and regardless of where you stand on the stay-at-home versus working mother debate, there is no doubt it’s never easy leaving the kids behind in someone else’s care.  "And I Thought About You" written by Rosanne Kurstedt and illustrated by Lisa Carletta-Vieites captures perfectly this emotional roller coaster in a beautifully crafted story about a working mom who, even in the middle of a typically busy day, is always thinking about her child.

In full disclosure, I am a friend of Rosanne – but when she recently handed me the book, I figured I’d have to force a smile and comment falsely on how much I liked her work.  Turns out the smile wasn't forced and I absolutely loved the book.  'And I Thought About You' is truly a present to any working mom on Mother’s Day.  Dedicated to 'All the working mothers who show their love in countless and immeasurable ways every day," 'And I Thought About You, opens with a young child whispering in his mother’s ear, "What did you do today, Mama" and thus begins a recounting of the mother’s day – waking up and getting ready for work…and thinking about her child, sleeping peacefully in the bed.  Sitting in traffic…and thinking about her child, scooping up milked soaked cereal with a favorite purple spoon.  At a meeting…thinking about him, playing outside with an airplane.  The story continues, and as she progresses throughout her day, through meetings and lunch, in her office and cleaning her desk, little things remind her of her child, and no matter how busy she is or how long she is away, she is always thinking of him.  When she returns home later than night, she rings the doorbell, and he comes running. Now the mom wants to hear about his day - and indeed he did have cereal, and he did play with an airplane and he did, too, think about her all day.

'And I Thought About You' is a love song celebrating the relationship between a mother and child, touchingly illustrating the feelings a working mom experiences daily.  It is a truly poignant book – and best off all can be used as a catalyst to help lessen fears of separation by reminding a child that no matter where mom is, that child is always in her thoughts.  Even if you are a stay at home mom, the book is a must read, beautifully written, with sweet, simple pictures. It is a testament to a mother's love – and no matter if you are off to the office for a full day or simply heading out to the supermarket – the book is like a hug, embracing our little ones with the reassurance we are always thinking of them.

And I Thought About You

Written by Roseanne L. Kurstedt

Illustrated by Lisa Carletta-Vieites

Published by Mascot Books

38 Pages

Recommended for Ages 4 and Up

Reviewed by Jenny Tananbaum, NJ Kids Staff