A Dog Is A Dog is a clever picture book perfect for young children. With rhyming words and a variety of animals, this story keeps the listeners eager to guess which animal will show up next!

 “A moose is a moose,
whether it’s large or it’s small.
Whether it runs in the spring, or rests in the fall.
A moose is a moose,
in the clear or the fog,
A moose is a moose, unless it’s a DOG.”

Although this book does not offer any extraordinary, educational value, it is definitely a silly story to whip up a giggle or two from a young audience.

The illustrations are also very fun and quirky to match the story line. The animals are portrayed as joyful creatures, always smiling, page after page (just as the kid’s will be listening to this!).
By Stephen Shaskan

Hardcover, 40 pages.

Ages 2-5

I recommend this