Valentine’s Day may be over until next year (and, let’s be honest, am I the only one who has already finished that box of chocolate already?) but personally, I was so inspired by the hugs, kisses, and homemade cards, I decided to jot down the top things I love about being a mom – just in case I ever have one of those moments when I’m questioning my maternal decision.

The Top 10 Things I Love About Being A Mom….

  1. The little hand that slips into mine as we walk down the street.
  2. The infectious, wiggly giggle when I tickle that spot under her chin.
  3. Snuggling at bedtime.
  4. Family dinners that last more than 5 minutes when everyone eats and everyone sits and everyone actually talks.
  5. The happy squeals, the cheerful singing, the beautiful laughter, even the mess of three children playing and sharing, and no arguments to referee.
  6. The ‘just because’ hugs, and the goodnight kisses.
  7. The compliments from others about how respectful, and polite and considerate they are.
  8. Being called a supermom simply because I knew exactly where the favorite lost toy was located.
  9. Exploring new places and visiting old ones – and seeing the wonder and excitement in my children’s eyes.
  10. Watching them asleep.

By Jenny Tananbaum.  Jenny Tananbaum is a writer, wife and mom to three.