Our Trip to the WonderWing Exhibit at Monmouth Museum

Contributed by Sarah Graves, NJ Mom Squad Team

Monmouth Museum

Did you hear about the special exhibit at @Monmouth Museum "WonderWing" for the 6 and under crowd?  I took my 6 year old, and he had a blast.  There's enough to do for several hours.   Kids get to explore a pirate ship, perform in a Tiki theater, climb a tree house or even a lighthouse, slide through a whale, play in a kelp forest and listen to a real waterfall. It is a really fun way for your kids to experiment, imagine, explore and discover. Real cool! GO! It's worth a trip. 

Monmouth Museum is located in 765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738 • Tel 732-747-2266
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