We’ve been busy planning our summer camp sections, sending you to our camp guide online and telling you to visit the NJ Camp Fairs last month.  Why?  Because summer camps are a great way to “unplug”.  I spoke of this concept with an Unplugging specialist at a NJ Camp Fair we sponsored. While we were talking about unplugging at camp, we can definitely take this advise and adopt it to our lives, especially when it comes to raising children.  Imagine some downtime without your i-phone (and I can’t imagine life without it), no video games, texting, facebooking, facetiming, skyping.  No email or internet and no nook either.  Wow, no connection!  In the woods, survival by thinking and doing on your own.  Sounds wonderful.  I think I’ll send my kids there ... right away before they lose their natural abilities to do things without the help of plugged in devices.  Is Unplugging a new concept? Perhaps you can try and see if it’s possible.  Please share with us what you learn.  

So, now that it is almost spring, what will you be doing this March?  Tune in to our online calendars and the hundreds of "WHAT TO DO" ideas in these pages.  Now that the weather is nice, at least for now, try horseback riding, gardening, visiting NYC, festival hoping.  There are so many places to play if you have a few hours.  Good luck unplugging!  

NJ Kids Team