Land Of Make Believe -  A Whole Day Of Family Fun With Thrilling Amusement Park Rides

Land of Make Believe is simply screaming to invite everyone to its Hope amusement park for its Grand Opening Weekend over the Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday through Monday, May 26-28.

What’s the screaming about? This year’s NEW ride, the awesome Scream Machine 360, makes its debut with the greatest upside down thrills imaginable. Yes, riders will do a complete 360 degrees! This ride is the latest addition to the park that offers Parents and Kids exciting choices, complementing Land of Make Believe’s expansive rides and attractions for  the whole Family.
Land of Make Believe has always been known as a place where memories are created and “Relived” for everyone Mon, Dad and Kids alike.

Land of Make Believe blends a whole day of family fun with thrilling amusement park rides like , Tilt-a-Whirl,  Thriller Coaster, Tornado, Drop ‘n’ Twist, Rockin’ Tug, Cannon Ball, Sidewinder, Pirates Revenge, and Pirates Escape. Land of Make Believe is the ultimate family amusement park experience for Mom, Dad, Kids, and Grandparents, too!

The 2018 season marks the park’s 64th Anniversary of entertaining generations of visitors and creating unforgettable memories.

Land of Make Believe was named as one of the top family amusement park in the state. In a poll conducted by its readers, Six Flags was ranked No. 1  with Land of Make Believe ranked second.  Land of Make Believe was also ranked among the favorites in the region by New York Family Magazine. Land of Make Believe last year also earned a 5 Star WaterPark safety award, designating it as one of the safest water parks in the United States.

Indeed, the park has become the region’s most popular Family fun Day Trip destination. Generations of families keep coming back: Grandparents who had came as Kids, now bring their grandchildren are continuing a family tradition from their own childhoods.

The park has been family-owned since day one.  A  teacher designed and built Land of Make Believe specifically so parents and children would  participate together. It was the first park in the United States where Parents no longer were passive spectators watching their Kids.  Land of Make Believe is always changing and growing while also staying true to its roots where Parents can be a Kid again in a wholesome, safe,  affordable  environment.

Located in an exquisite setting of valleys, and Mountains,   Land of Make Believe has always been a leader in ecotourism in Warren County. It financially supports and protects 450 acres of open space, preserving it for you and your Children.

Land of Make Believe opens for the season Memorial Day Weekend, then is open weekends until June 16, when it is open daily through Labor Day Weekend. For more information about the park visit or call (908) 459-9000. Be sure to LIKE the Land of Make Believe on Facebook page, too (