The new January 2011 issues of the NJ Kids Directories are out.  You can find one in your local library, recreation department, children's programs/classes, community center, pediatrican, or check out the racks at the Stop and Shops, our newest distribution channel.  If you did not pick one up, view it online by clicking on the magazine.  Flip through and don't forget to share it with your friends.  You will find beginning this month, our summer camp directory for your local area. 

Our goal is to help you plan your 2011... to be the most productive and enjoyable year, and to keep you posted on the local 'happenings'.  Enjoy our monthly issues of NJ Kids and spend time browsing our website for more things to do, places to go and an abundance of new ideas!  We promise to work hard for you this year.  Cheers to a bright 2011!