Splashing Into Summer! 

It’s June and I’m really looking forward to a productive summer!  If you haven’t planned out your summer yet, this is the time, otherwise you’ll find yourself at the end saying, I wish I brought my family here, or i wish we did this or that ....  But hey, relax!  We’ve started some of that planning for you and we’re up to our eyeballs with ideas.   “Splashing Into Summer” pages are full of wet and wild things to do.  Explore some out of the ordinary adventures with your family.  We’ll keep populating our ‘Things To Do’ page as well.  Keep up with us on facebook for ongoing ideas and tips from our NJ Suburban MOM who is busy researching more smart stuff.

This is also your last chance to sign up for camp!  No more waiting. Give your child a wonderful and memorable summer.  There are so many new experiences to be had.  Try a new sport, a new hobby, a new place.  Seek out these camp adventures and call them.  You’ll never know what you’ll learn.  For more programs click through our online camp guide and flip through the pages.  You can also click the ads and go directly to the camp's website! 

We are also ‘CELEBRATING DADS’ in this issue with another 2 night family getaway!  We love our parents and want you to win this!  Here’s another chance, if you didn’t win May’s contest, try your luck again!  Click on the contest tab. 

Happy Father’s Day!  The NJ Kids Team wishes your family a wonderful start of the summer!

Sandra Leu

The NJ Kids Media Team