Contributed by Genevieve Cece

In honor of the beloved Disney movie Frozen, The Mall at Short Hills has taken their spin by incorporating their annual Santa exhibit with a theme from Frozen naming it "Ice Palace". My twin daughters age 3, like many girls their age, are totally taken back by the Disney fairytale. So of course naturally you know we had to be there. On a Friday morning we set our eyes on Short Hills Mall well before the opening in hopes of having our dreams fulfilled. We arrived at 9:30 am hoping to beat the rush. When we arrived the line was up to BCBG and about five minutes later the line doubled behind me almost reaching Bloomingdales. I overheard mothers saying they took their children out of school for the day just so they could experience it. Little girls filled the line in Elisa dresses as mothers tapped away on their cell phones. I could only hope this would be a magical experience as we stood in line together. An hour and a half later we finally made it to the inside of the Ice Palace. They had the Frozen movie playing on a small screen below a spinning Olaf. Next they had a measuring wall with a picture of Olaf and Sven so the child could see if they where as tall as the characters. Coming upon our left their was an attraction to leave your frozen handprint on ice. Finally we reached the Ice throne picture opt where, for a minimal fee, you could have your child's picture taken with two stuffed Olafs that they purchased at the Disney store. Next we where directed into a room where the beloved song "Let it go" was playing and fake snow fell from the ceiling. Brace yourself parents because your child will not want to leave this room and "THAT SNOW" is just about impossible to remove from hair and clothing quick enough before you have to say cheese with Santa. I have to say the Santa at this attraction is pretty good looking. His white beard, blue eyes, and rosy cheeks can't be beat.  Parents, be prepared for long wait.